Art and craft

A class specifically developed to provide a creative outlet for people with a disability. The focus of the class is independence through social interaction and self- expression. Participants work alongside an artist exploring a range of art mediums such as painting, paper mache, bead-making, printing, fabric painting, sculpture and lots more.

The aim of each program is that it be ‘participant-driven’, meaning that each member of the group has a say in the artistic direction of the program.


This is a self directed group who assist one another in mastering new techniques. Participants sketch from slides shown in class plus the occasional video that further develops their skills. New participants are welcome. Recent experience in sketching is essential.


This workshop will enable people with no previous experience to put together a complete working instrument!

Students will learn how to solder the electronic parts and assemble, wire-up & paint the instrument while gaining an understanding of how an electric guitar works.

This practical course will teach you how to use a variety of tools, fix things and undertake general home maintenance. Funded by Learn Local, a government agency facilitating training in your local community.

This is an introduction to wood turning for anyone interested in using a wood lathe under the guidance of experienced wood turners. The classes will cover safe operation of the wood lathe and you will get to experience firsthand how to turn a simple spinning top or a honey dipper to take home with you.

This could be the start of the new hobby you are looking for, or simply provide you with inspiration for your next project!

Gain the confidence to use a sewing machine with this practical course.

Students can bring their own sewing machine (particularly if you would like assistance learning how to use it) or are welcome to share one of the 3 sewing machines we have available. We also have an overlocker.

There will be a maximum of 6 students in the class.

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