Art and craft

A class specifically developed to provide a creative outlet for people with a disability. The focus of the class is independence through social interaction and self- expression. Participants work alongside an artist exploring a range of art mediums such as painting, paper mache, bead-making, printing, fabric painting, sculpture and lots more.

The aim of each program is that it be ‘participant-driven’, meaning that each member of the group has a say in the artistic direction of the program.


Enjoy a one day workshop in a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, to complete a beautiful silk scarf, approximately 1.8m long. Arrange your own group (minimum 4 people) or join in on one of the dates available.

This is a self directed group who assist one another in mastering new techniques. Participants sketch from slides shown in class plus the occasional video that further develops their skills. New participants are welcome. Recent experience in sketching is essential.

Paper Tole is a paper craft using a number of prints, all of the same image, which are cut out and layered up to create a life-like three dimensional picture. All facets of the craft are taught in class - from cutting, shaping & feathering to building up and glossing the end picture.

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