Computers and technology

For further information about government-subsidised Computer courses, please look at "Learn Local Courses" under our EDUCATION banner.

Computer programming courses for children 8 years and above - Please check under "Children's Classes" for further information.


Term 1 dates:  Wed 31 Jan to Wed 28 March (9 weeks)

Time:  4.00pm - 5pm (1 hour)

Cost:  $160

Term 2 dates:  Wed 2 May to Wed 27 June (9 weeks)

Time:  4.00pm - 5pm (1 hour)

Cost:  $160

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There are so many useful and fun things you can do with your Android phone and tablet, bring one or both and learn amazing things! Suitable for non- Apple devices including Samsung, Oppo, Huwai Wei, Sony (call us if unsure).

Social media isn't simply a way of life for kids - it's life itself! To help them keep their online interactions safe, productive and positive, we offer this course to help you be more tech savvy than them! Learn about the latest apps and websites and get tips of talking to your kids about sharing, posting and avoiding digital drama.

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