Exercise and Fitness and Dancing

A fun way to get a workout, great for muscle toning & weight loss. Movement to music with low-impact Aerobics, plus Yoga stretching and Pilates tummy tightening. Ideal for beginners and intermediate level.

Inspired by the dancing made famous in Indian cinema, this high energy class is fun and vibrant. If you want a workout that gets you moving, this is the one for you.

A new gentle dance class suitable for anyone 50+ years of age. This fun low impact dance-based movement class will improve your energy levels and balance, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, build bone density, strengthen your heart and keep you moving.

Dance is for the body, mind and spirit - it is an activity that has been scientifically proven to have significant cognitive benefits.

Our experienced and popular tutor Stephen WON "Instructor of the Year" at the 2018 Australian Line Dancing Awards in Tamworth!

Dance to popular music whilst getting fit at Stephen's classes, suitable for beginners to intermediates.

A program of exercises designed to strengthen the lower back and deep abdominal muscles to provide core support for the spine, thereby greatly improving posture and preventing back pain. Body awareness is enhanced through stretching and breath techniques.

What is RED’s Wellness Coaching? RED’s encourages people to take time out for themselves, not only for fitness and nutrition, but overall wellness as well! RED’s will be running 45minute resistance & cardio based circuits where you can have fun with friends, family and colleagues, while listening to a great playlist’.

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