SMART Program

The SMART Program is a pre-accredited, ACFE funded course that provides a range of hands-on learning experiences and skills in the four key vocational areas of Hospitality, Retail, Money and Horticulture. These four key vocational areas will apply to everyday living and provide opportunities and pathways for exploration through further study or supported employment. 

  • This course is delivered at Avenue Neighbourhood House @ Eley.
  • Classes are held on Tuesdays during school terms.
  • Class times 10:00am - 2:30pm.

The course structure will be:

Term 1

22EMP015011 Hospitality SMART (45 Hours)

The Hospitality SMART program will provide students with the confidence and introductory skills to meet the requirements of working or volunteering in a supported hospitality environment. 

This course will provide students with a sound understanding of food safety, food preparation, basic cooking skills and providing customer service. The program includes a strong element of literacy and numeracy.

Term 2

22EMP015015 Retail SMART (45 Hours)

The Retail SMART program will provide students with the confidence and variety of skills of working or volunteering in a supported customer service and retail environment. The course includes key skills in responsibility, time management, teamwork, communication, problem solving and initiative.

Term 3

22EMP015106 Money SMART (45 Hours)

The Money SMART program offers basic familiarisation with numbers and money. It will provide students with the confidence and skills to develop basic financial literacy in a supported environment. Students will become more familiar with basic numeracy and will be able to independently conduct basic money transactions, follow directions, prepare and follow a budget, negotiate banking processes and set financial goals.

Term 4

22EMP015017 Horticulture SMART (45 Hours)

The Horticulture SMART program is an introduction to further education in horticulture and will also provide improved living skills. It will include home composting, mulching techniques, organic pest control, growing herbs in raised garden beds and pots and designing/creating living gifts.


Course Fees*

*ACFE Funded places can only be offered to learners who are Australian citizens or hold permanent residency. Proof of citizenship eligibility is required upon enrolment.

The 2022 course fee is $285 ($125 tuition fee, $160 amenities fee).

As the SMART program is pre-accredited students may be eligible for NDIS funding and payment of fees can be made through your NDIS self-managed Plan or NDIS Plan Manager.

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.

If you require further information or wish to apply for a place in this course you must contact Avenue Neighbourhood House @ Eley on 9808 2000

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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