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Computer programming for young makers

Structured computer programming courses for children 8 years and above, where children build their own games, stories, musicals and animations. This exciting program introduces your child to the world of computer science in a fun & engaging way. BYO laptop.


  • Focus on concepts rather than on tools. The teaching methodology is future proof because it is agnostic to a particular language or tool.
  • Learn using the construction-ism principle, where the child constructs his or her knowledge by interacting with their creation viz. games, animations, stories.
  • Learning in a collaborative environment, builds child’s confidence & engender teamwork.
  • Follow a structured curriculum progressing from beginner’s to advanced level.

DigiFun: Students, using block-based programming get introduce to computational thinking.

  • Level 01
    Using Scratch as the programming environment, students are taught to create their own games, stories & animations while introducing fundamental computational concepts.
    Estimated duration: 2 terms
    Prerequisite: No prior exposure to programming
  • Level 10
    Building on the previous level, students are taught additional concepts to enhance their programming grasp.
    Estimated duration: 1 term
    Prerequisite: DigiFun Level 01 certified
  • Level 11
    Using Stencyl programming environment, students create advanced games. Along with the built-in blocks, students will script additional blocks for their customized games.
    Estimated duration: 1 term
    Prerequisite: DigiFun Level 10 certified

DigiStar: In this module, the child gets a taste of real world text based programming languages. Leveraging the advanced programming skills developed, children create real world applications.

  • Level 01
    Heading into real-world programming, students are introduced to web designing using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Students build their own web sites with the skills acquired.
    Estimated duration: 1 term
    Prerequisite: DigiFun certified
  • Level 10
    Using Python, students get an introduction to data structures and object-oriented programming.
    Estimated duration: 2 terms
    Prerequisite: DigiStar Level 01 certified
  • Level 11
    Children get a taste of one of the most popular programming languages in the world, Java. Students are taught advanced object-oriented programming concepts, leveraging which they build a real world application.
    Estimated duration: 1 term
    Prerequisite: DigiStar Level 10 certified


Term 1    Fee: $231

Wed 1 Feb - 5 Apr (10 wks)  4.00-5.00pm

Term 2    Fee: $231

Wed 26 Apr - 21 June (10 wks)  4.00-5.00pm

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