Computers and technology

For further information about government-subsidised Computer courses, please look at "Learn Local Courses" under our EDUCATION banner.

For kids 8 + , this program  introduces your child to the world of computer science in a fun and engaging way. - Please check under "Children's Classes" for further information.


Term 3    Fee: $209

Wed 13 Jul - 7 Sept (9 wks)  4.00-5.00pm

Term 4    Fee: $209

Wed 5 Oct - 30 Nov (9 wks)  4.00-5.00pm

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Why not turn those unneeded items at your place into cash! Learn how to get started (and tips and tricks). Seniors welcome.

NB Please note - a Facebook account is needed to sell on Marketplace, assistance available.


Term 4 ONLY: Thur 20 Oct & 27 Oct (2 sessions)

Time: 10.30am - 12noon (1.5 hours)

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